The Hustings: Week in Review

The Hustings takes a break for the weekend today, having featured, in its first full week of commentary, a score of entries from seven of our talented writers.

Our contributors have engaged the issue of abortion policy in Canada, with editor Jackson Doughart seeing a bright spot for the pro-life cause in Justin Trudeau’s dark new mandate, and guest poster Alexandre Meterissian making a case for modern, European-style abortion regulations.

Jeffrey Collins brought his foreign policy credentials to bear in his case for Western pragmatism in Syria, and Cody Boutilier brought to light the profound challenge facing our society with the ceaseless advance of technology.

Political tumult in Europe has been on our minds as well: Geoffrey Wale offered a defense of Dutch political personality Geert Wilders, while Tom Stringham and Jackson Doughart attempted to unearth the real political causes of the legislative earthquake in the EU. Meanwhile, Barbara Kay skewered the decision of a Belgian euthanasia advocate to hold his conference at Auschwitz.

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