About The Hustings

This blog is dedicated to short, snappy arguments about politics and culture. We ask our contributors to limit their posts to 400 words—about half the length of a newspaper op-ed—for the benefit of producing succinct and pointed apologias. This kind of appeal is suited to the platform of “the hustings”, a small gathering where political candidates attempt to persuade potential supporters, and where concise, direct argument is paramount. We are based in Canada but post on a variety of topics and publish pieces from within and without the country. Our political orientation is conservative, with recognition of the many matters of disagreement within the political right. We will also publish guest views from the Left, provided that they directly address a conservative audience and point of view.

Comments Policy

On account of the founders’ preference, we will not have an open, unregulated, and anonymous forum appended to our posts. However, readers are encouraged to write response letters, limited to 250 words. Letters which are well-written and discuss the author’s argument directly will be published. Any correspondence can be sent to hustingsblog [at] gmail.com